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  1. I really hope your stomach feels better! Stomach pain is the worst
    🙁 i find lemon ginger tea with honey really helps me when I get bloated. Also for sleeping I take a magnesium supplement before bed and it really helps me fall asleep faster and stay asleep, also helps with anxiety! I love your videos always make it to the end ❤

  2. Hey Grace! Everything that you are describing is exactly how I felt when I was eating protein bars/protein powder. I would try not having the protein bars. Once I stopped having those my gas pain/bloating stopped.

  3. Sarah’s day isn’t a personal trainer, she has no knowledge or experience in planning a workout (outside of what she likes to do), so she had no idea what she was doing when creating that plan. And boy does it show, what a joke.

  4. I would check for sugar alcohols in your food. They are in built bars and sugar-free things that are still sweet like that creamer. They can cause that gas pain up by your ribs! They ferment in your intestines and produce that uncomfortable gas. If you don’t have a problem with your gallbladder you could see a dietitian about a FODMAP diet for your IBS

  5. What vitamins do you take? Vitamins always hurt my stomach, so I never take them. I've tried a bunch of different brands, and they always upset my stomach. It might even be the fact that you just take them with coffee as well.

  6. Who else plays Grace’s videos at background, make a coffee and do things like quick cleaning the house, making bed and come back to rewatch the details later

    Also her music taste is bomb. I just appreciate how her vlogs don’t include talking 24/7, with the music, it’s like a chilling productive 15min session with myself its what I need to start my day.

  7. You can have your gallbladder checked. I would have pain in my stomach after I eat and that's what it ended up being. It took two months of going to the doctor and one ER visit to get it sorted. My gallbladder was full of sludge. I had my gallbladder taken out and don't have the pains unless I eat something greasy or super fatty.

  8. I used to suffer from unbearable stomach pains and I started doing an elimination diet to see if cutting anything would help. For me cutting dairy and gluten completely from my diet has changed my life. My acne cleared up and I stopped having stomach pains and issues. I know eliminating food is very annoying but honestly I’ve never felt better in my life. Maybe try cutting a few things from your diet and see if you feel any better! Also seeing a naturopathy doctor can help get to the root of internal problems instead of just treating the symptoms you have atm. Hope this helps!!

  9. Also, get you gallbladder checked. I kept having gas like pains for a few months about two years ago (with bloating) and then finally one day I had a gallbladder attack (feels literally like dying). Turns out my gallbladder had been inflamed all along. Subsequently, I got the easy surgery to have my gallbladder removed and have been fine since.

  10. I get those stomach cramps and they are actually the worse. I think it’s trapped air that’s the only thing I can think of 🤣 loved the video! You made my treadmill workout more enjoyable 😂

  11. Love your what I eat in a day/fitness/health videos! They are definitely more realistic and obtainable, not overly planned(in a good way!) We can't always plan extravagant and perfect meals so these are nice 💕 I personally work shift work away from home and don't always have the luxury of cooking big meals as my work days are so long and I am not at my own home. I just try to make healthier convenient choices while I'm away and cook nice and fresh when I'm home! But love seeing some convenient but healthier choices in these for those busy on the go life styles.

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