How Popina Fuses Classic Southern & Italian Dishes || Eat Seeker

At Popina, chef Chris McDade works the flavors of his Southern roots into his Italian dishes. He seamlessly blends Southern staples like collard greens and ham …


  1. Crawdads yummy! I love'm…. I like this show, but where's the $5 dollar lunch guy?? I'm sure others miss him to. I hope he didn't loose or quit his job. Please some how tell him he is missed for me. Or I could just take over his job, but I'm not as good looking as you or he is. I'm an old lady. You will have to do my make up if I'm going to be on camera… hehehe…
    And someone will have to show me how to apply it, bc I don't ware make up ever. I'm a natural girl! Not fancy @ all.
    Thanks for sharing your videos,

  2. Despite the fact that I'm not a fan of Old Bay and I really dislike ranch and Alabama white sauce, I loved this episode. Ha. This chef is quite engaging and the food looks fantastic. I'd be all over that ham hock and collards pappardelle. 👍

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