1. Ok, no joke, I ALWAYS like your swatch and review videos! There were several polishes in this collection that I liked AND I am in need of a new base coat! Perfect time for me to order at least one of the colors and finally try out that dang Cuccio base coat that you like so much! Thanks for the discount code! SOLD! 😉😊

  2. Kelly! I loved how on your top shades of a certain color, you had little thumbnails of all the shades you swatched at the end of the video. It was super cool to be able to compare the colors and see which ones I like the best to decide which I want to buy. It would make me super happy if you brought this feature to all your Swatch and Reviews!

  3. Yes that intro was funny 😆….the things they say about polish and makeup kill me ….did you get your hands on the zoya calm collection yet ? Oh man …there’s a few amazing ones in there !!! I crave is gorgeous ❤️

  4. I think that everyone gives Kristen Stewart a hard time and it's not warranted, I think she's a very good actress and I like her too, My favorite movies of hers are the twilight but I loved her in American Ultra, it was so cool! Anywho, love your channel and you are awesome, hugs and love!

  5. would you say I Dream is similar to what OPI’s Ring Bare-er would look like as an opaque shade? i love the way Ring Bare-er looks in the bottle but i don’t like how it looks as a sheer polish, so i’ve been looking for an opaque dupe

  6. I srsly just googled Kristen Stewart to see if there were 2. 😲 Love you, the collection, and all your videos. Kristen, not so much… but I thought she played Bella to perfection. Exactly the way she was written.

  7. I JUST purchased the Cuccio base and 7-sec top coat at HB Beauty Bar (first purchase there, can't wait for them to arrive!) and I was so surprised when the maths on your code (thank you so much for this) was more than 20%! made it easier for me with the exchange rate where I live

  8. The second one "I Desire" makes me think of a really old bathroom with pink tiles and a pink toilet that needs to be redone 😂 I'm sorry, now that I've thought it I can't unthink it.

  9. I don't know how I feel about this collection lol. I love the very first one, the mauve, but the rest of them… I guess it also doesn't matter to me because I don't often follow the season for whatever color I pick lol.

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