What I Eat in a Day VEGAN + Gluten Free || Ft. Vegan Bacon

What I Eat in a Day VEGAN + Gluten Free, Featuring VEGAN BACON! (Winter Rainy Day Edition) I linked up with my friend Clean Eat Junky to show you how …


  1. Funny how we both had soursop, I love soursop . they are not cheap at all. sheesh smh. Vegan bacon is the best all that flavour with the avocado toast is making my mouth watery right about now lol. Awesome video sis 🙂

  2. My Brother is a Vegan and I think it’s pretty amazing! Soursop I’ve never heard of it! I should try some!!! 17.00 oh my goodness I still want to try it! Maybe they will have some at Trader Joe’s!! I want to try that Vegan Bacon recipe

  3. My friend was eating soursop when I visited her recently. I never heard of it before that. I need to look into it. That soup you made looked delicious, thanks for sharing how you made it. I'm not trying to be vegan but I am trying to eat better so I'm definitely downloading your meal planner! Thank you!

  4. I love cooking meals that will give us leftovers! I really only cook about 3 nights a week then we eat leftovers the rest of the week! These were some great vegan meals! I don’t even like mushrooms and that vegan bacon looked good!!

  5. I have never had soursop, I wonder if I could find one in our China town. I will have to look. That vegan bacon looked amazing and so did the soup. Thanks for sharing and look forward to watching more of your channel. 💙💙

  6. I’m definitely interested in incorporating more plant based meals in my diet and especially cutting back on dairy since I have PCOS and that is recommended. I love that avocado toast and root vegetable soup! Thanks for the ideas! ❤️

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