toronto vlog / what i eat in a day

heeeelllooo. this was a lazy day my boyfriend and i had on his off day! i love toronto (most of the time lol) so happy i can split my time between here and nyc.


  1. Omg what the fuck happened paige? First u post a picture to IG where u mention "my 10th failed relationship" then i see u and annika come along pretty well now u guys dont even follow each other on ig anymore and u spend time with K again in toronto in a loving meaning ive missed something or i need an explanation b4 i can sleep again lol

  2. I am a huge Leaf fan, and that is how I found you! I am so happy I found your channel!! You and Kappy are amazing together and I love you!! Have a great day paige ilysm <3 I have a fanpage for you aswell 💕

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