1. Omg! I wish I was closer…or at least on the same continent to come pick those items from you! My ever thirsty skin would love them! I hear you say all those ingredients and I am like…coconut oil, yaaas, oil, yaaas, shea butter, yaaas! Cover me in all that! 😍😭

  2. For the first time in my life, im breaking out! Went to the docter, got a cream that is drying me out but i don't feel like its working… Where to begin with skincare? What brand do you advice?

  3. Tati, do you watch Susan Yara? She's about the same age as you (and me) and is an absolutely amazing educator about skincare on YouTube. I LOVE her channel. Tati for makeup, Susan for skincare!

  4. the first video of yours i watched told me to use coconut oil for everything
    this video you say it gave you breakouts. lol. contradictory. goes to show a pretty face will sell anything, i have a no brainer for you, time to stop taking your own advice.

  5. Omg so much to take in, I have the same skin type as you Tati and struggle all the time to find the right “one” so will be looking forward to your vlog on the best products to buy and use successfully. Thank you for all your hard work on this subject, you’re amazing ❤️

  6. I looked at the Clean section on Sephora’s site. How can anyone take it seriously? Over half have some types of fragrance. This was not created for people with true medical skin sensitivity’s such as contact dermatitis. It’s marketing which is fine but let’s not act like they have really made a true effort to serve the needs of people with real medical skin issues.

  7. I have been trying to find a good just regular facial cleanser. I either use my dove body wash and my cleansing electric brush, or my bath and body works aromatherapy body soap. Could you maybe do a video with the best skin care from drugstores??

  8. One of the best ways for a female to take care of their skin is to not wear any makeup, sleep well, eat healthy and wear skin medica products. P.S. make up is the number one factor why women age faster from their face than men do. Women look better without make up.

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