Q&A, Painting, and Cooking VLOG

I asked on Instagram if you guys had any questions so in today’s vlog I’ll be answering them as I go about doing laundry, painting, and making dinner. It’s a long …


  1. Would like to know which Bible you read and when you say you are Christian what type of Christianity do you believe in. Don't have to answer if you don't want to but would love to know which bible you read since there are so many different types. Take care Ashwina

  2. Girl I'm loving your Channel 😍 we just bought a fixer-upper and have been doing all sorts of DIY home renovations. I actually just painted seven doors and the trim today. Then I saw this video from you 😂 ❤️

  3. Love your videos Hilary and the simplicity and grace you bring to everyday life☺️♥️. Absolutely wonderful family and values! I can definitely appreciate that especially when it seems like so many couples have lost the appreciation of a good marriage and working hard together to
    work on any issues or even improving their strengths🥰 Thank u so much for sharing as always!

  4. I love watching and listening to your channel. We seem to have such similare ideas, beliefs and lifestyles. I enjoy thrifting as a pass time and wish we lived closer so we could go sometime. South Dakota is a bit too far away:( I appreciated how you explained what "religion" you are. Jesus is my Lord and Savior and I think you explained it well.

  5. This was such a great vlog friend. I agree with everything you said especially with the communication thing. I've been married to my husband for 15 years going on 16 this August and there were times when our communication was terrible but being with someone for almost 20 years you get to learn about them in many ways. Thanks so much for being so transparent. Tfs

  6. Really missed you. Nice to see you back. I have a question about painting??
    Do you use gloss or semi – gloss on doors, baseboards & trim. Seems like I just get done and then I'm back at it again with touch ups. Any suggestions.
    I have always used semi gloss white.
    Thanks Hillary

  7. That squash looked delicious! This was a very lovely video, going along with you throughout the day as you shared your insight into life's big and small questions. Communication is key. My husband passed in July and I miss him so much and one of the things I miss most is our conversations, we would sit and gab and share our thoughts on anything and everything, it's very strange not having someone to "bounce" things off of. We had to learn over the years how to communicate wisely when there were problems (and we had some big one's along the way) because we didn't always do it that very well but we learned, we put our hearts into it and got better and better at it, but it did take a lot of trial and error. Thanks again for sharing your everyday life with us.

  8. I like to paint also, do you remove the door knobs? I do not like to do that, but I am terrible at painting around them, any suggestions? Also listening to Luke “talk when you were waiting for bible study I had to laugh, I think he was giving his idea about everything! Ha ha! So precious! God bless you and your family.

  9. Hilary, I loved your explanation of "religion: – -so many times people are caught up in the "religion" and not the real meaning, the personal relationship of God and Jesus Christ, with us. It is just mind blowing that the maker of the universe so wanted an enduring relationship with us, that He would allow His son to be sacrificed , so we could be "re-born" so we'd hav open communion and an ultimate place with the Maker of the universe. What a merciful and just God we serve…and who loves us so well … and in ways that our human mind cannot even begin to comprehend. Thanks, Paige

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