My Pre and Post Workout Meals – What I Eat // FULL BODY BODYWEIGHT AT HOME WORKOUT to Build Muscle

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  1. Thanks for all your content! I really enjoy it. I've found intermittent fasting works really well for me, and I tend to train fasted. My window is ~1-9 PM unfortunately 2 times a week, I have to split workouts between 2 time slots getting in the first hour or so (resistance training) at 5-6 AM then going to work and getting the rest in between 10 AM and 12 PM (finishing up resistance training/cardio). I don't eat until 1 (usually) and I'm not hungry until then either. Am I losing out on the benefits of my workouts by not eating prior to / sooner after my workouts? Thanks!

  2. Thank you for this video. I have been looking for exercises to train to do a pull-up. I am 33 and never been able to do one (sad, I know), even in grade school. My birthday is in April and I want to be able to do one by then. Any other pull-up (without equipment) tips would be simply amazing!

  3. I have a cute little 3 year old so I find myself at playgrounds often lol… And I totally would still play around even without a little sweet pea lol, but he's a good excuse 😂

  4. Until you showed the floor mat I had no idea Source Cafe was on the pier in Hermosa Beach! That's literally a 10 minute walk from my dad's house. I live in Ohio now but miss the weather and good food there so much.

  5. My campus gym is way too far from my dorm to get me motivated to go to the gym every morning. Luckily there is a neighborhood playground just behind my dorm building, so this workout came in very handy! Thank you! Very excited to try this workout tomorrow!

  6. I love Four Sigmatic. I feel like their powders are very effective. I still have some of my Reserve Reishi powder. I can't see any indication on their website if they are using fruiting bodies only and now you have me curious! Did you contact the company about how they're grown and which part of the shroomie is processed?

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