How to Sous Vide with Step-by-Step Instructions

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  1. NEVER add fat (oil, butter) to the bag when cooking meat sous-vide! From J. Kenji López-Alt… "Intuitively, you may think that adding a flavorful fat, like butter or olive oil, will in turn help create a more flavorful steak. In fact, it turns out that this achieves the opposite goal: It dilutes flavor. Fat-soluble flavor compounds dissolve in the melted butter or oil and end up going down the drain later. Similarly, flavors extracted from aromatics end up diluted. For best results, place your seasoned steak in a bag with no added fats."

    Also, put eggs in a bag! They bounce around. When one cracks, which it will, you'll make a sad mess of your immersion cooking device!

  2. Short and sweet but frankly some of the Sous Vide things which takes days is just plain daft. I have a Circulator but I have never needed or wanted to need to cook anything for longer than a couple of hours.

  3. sous vide I think is nice also really convenient at times. But i perfer to do thinks the older way using an oven, skillet, and so forth. The result isn't as perfect in texture or consistency, but the flavor and general end product i think is. Maybe it's just you can develop flavor in multiple ways or maybe that imperfection helps improve the dish, but I pefer note relying on sous vide. Though it's still great because hell if you gotta go to work and all that but want a nice slow cooked meal, it's so great. Sous vide pulled pork might not be the best way to make it, but smoke that pork for a bit and then bag and sous vide it. Still comes out good, but now you can just walk away and not worry or manage anything. Even some simple things like what i do which is a roast chicken breakfast sandwich (yes i know), I can just debone the chicken thigh, season it, then sous vide it over night. Then in the morning I can just unbag it, sear the bastard after toasting my english muffins and melting some cheese on them. Then Bam, sandwich made in like 5 minutes.

  4. I agree that this video is very vague about Sous vide cooking. I wish that it was more informative. I did tons of research and couldn’t be happier. I can now cook the perfect steak without even trying. For those of you that that are concerned about cooking in plastic, there’s silicone bags and you can even use jars for some recipes.

  5. I highly recommend getting a Sous Vide machine. They don;t take up a lot of space and the results are amazing. I now routinely take cheap cuts of steak and turn them into the most tender juiciest thing imaginable.
    In addition to cooking meats, etc., it is great at infusing flavors into a liqueur. I use it to make delicious Limoncello in a matter of hours when it used to take a month.

  6. This is just ANOTHER appliance to take up space.
    It's NOT a necessary item to own. There are quicker, more effective methods to prepare food that doesn't require any frufru, expensive appliances.

    This channel has gotten so that it does most recipes that utilize expensive nonessential equipment and appliances.

    Most of us don't own, need nor desire these items.

    Why not try making at least every other video one that shows the every day type person how to achieve great food without the use of nonsense appliances?

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