A Week In My Life | Influencer & Single Mom!

Excited to be partnering with Carol’s Daughter for this video! I had an amazing time with the @CarolsDaughter team in NYC. Shop #WashDayDelight on at your …


  1. Okay so I watched this video when it first came out I am such a fan girl for Raven lol and As I’m watching this I was packing for New York ironically and let me tell you as soon as Raven said I went to Rosè mansion your girl said BET 💕 safe to say it was the cutest museum and thank you for introducing the idea! Love ya girly

  2. Thank you for sharing this experience. I recently got a chance to try the new carols daughter wash day delight product and I love it. Your content is overall so inspiring. I’ve been blogging for 4 years and now getting to the point where I’m working with brands. Watching you do what you do is soooo inspiring for a up and coming influencer like myself. Glad you took a break and also glad you’re. Missed the content and seeing you and Ziya.

  3. Love the new docs you should of ad a look in zara for your leather jackets there stylish and cheap but can also get real leather ones there for a little more £££ but they last year's .so glad the vlogs are back xxx

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