What I Eat In A Day // Slimming World // January 2020

Big Friendly Hello , Welcome to my Channel which is about my weight loss journey – 5 stone gone forever & being a slimming world target member . However …


  1. Hi Rachel, what a fab idea to use up yesterday’s soup as a sauce for a Pasta Bake. I have added pasta as you suggested, added a layer of tomatoes, a little ham and finished with grated cheese. It is delicious and a great new addition to my SW meals. Thank you so much

  2. Hi Rachel, love turkish delights and have tried all different makes. The frys is the best but Christmas I had a box of the turkish delight thins from Tesco only £1.00 a box and its the exact taste of frys dont know if they do all year round or just Christmas. The frys one I cut into little squares lasts longer xx

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