Hi everyone! Welcome back to another grocery haul and meal plan for a family of five. As per the CMA’s new influencer guidelines (you can read them here …


  1. Hi Charlotte, I have watched your channel for years and now I am a fellow mummy on YouTube 🙂 I have just uploaded my family weekly Tesco shop as these are my fav videos of yours to watch! Defo going to check out those pittas next Sunday! x

  2. Hi Charlotte, you do these videos each week and obviously enjoy them/ get good views and feedback which is great. From watching them and being in that line of work, you are a marketeers dream! Nearly everything you buy is a brand and although you got some 'bargains', I wonder if you actually ended up overspending just because some things were on offer? I've also noticed that you are the only vlogger (that I follow on here) that doesn't say how much you spent. That is of course your perogative but maybe something to think of. Especially because you're so transparent with regards to saying you worked with Tesco in the past etc at the beginning of each video. Would be interested to hear your thoughts…

  3. My husband is from The Gambia in west Africa, I’ve been many times and the peanut butter stew is called durango is there , it’s delicious! I have lots of recipes from there if you’re ever interested ! Hope you enjoy the peanut stew 😋😋😋

  4. Meals sound delicious and those pittas looked amazing! Were they as good as they looked? And the falafels looks great! We have that brand here I think so I am going to keep an eye out next time I food shop. Also, I really need to see if we have those Quorn nuggets here. Every now and then I get a craving for a nugget type meal but since I am veggie/mostly vegan it’s not easy. Lol ~Krislynner

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