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Calories in calories out – Don’t believe these like that keep us fat!!! Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, I’d like to lose 20 pounds? Doesn’t seem like …


  1. I believe you 100%. I am a runner, and I could not take off my extra weight running 50 miles a week. I was lethargic and always (ALWAYS) hungry. Two days before my 52nd birthday, I decided to try this new way of eating. It has been about 11 months now, and I thank God that I finally stopped listening to the myths that fat is bad. FINALLY, I don't have to eat breakfast (yay! I always force fed myself breakfast) and I do not have to eat fruit (again force fed myself fruit because it was "good" for me). I now fast and eat basically a ketogenic diet and I have dropped weight without any effort, have so much more energy, and think more clearly. Thank you for spreading this message!

  2. That is a great explanation with the cookie to bacon . So many people on Keto/LC groups will say if it fits in your carb count . They don't understand or " don't care " that it could be messing with their insulin /body  . When they don't lose weight etc .. then they say "Why am I not losing or feeling the benefits ?  SMH

  3. 20 years ago I was 15 pounds overweight. Not much for a person of average height but quite substantial for me at 5’0”. I started to eat the standard diet but reduced the sugar and processed food. I started to use the 1/2 hour official lunch break for a brisk walk. Did this for one year but didn’t lose a pound. I took up running and still the weight did not budge. I was becoming resigned to looking middle age and dumpy until I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome but not yet diabetic. Was sent for counselling to a diabetic clinic. They reinforced the healthy low fat, whole grain, more fruit and vegetable diet. I quit going because I was embarrassed about being classed with diabetics. Just as well, in hindsight. Went on Dr. Mosley’s 5/2 diet and was content to continue until after an annual blood test showed an a1c of 6,6. I found Dr. Jason Fung on YouTube and asked for a referral to his IDM program. I lost 15 pounds in 12 weeks and my a1c dropped to 6. Still working to lower it further. I lost all respect for the medical profession’s standard of care.

  4. I'd like to recommend Thomas delauer he is on YouTube and I think he is next to you truly truly the most gifted intelligent man on the keto diet that you can possibly run into he is absolutely someone who explains everything to us and it's unbelievable and I think people need to go to his channel and I think you need to look up how to do a keto diet the complete guide. And he will explain the entire keto diet to you in 46 minutes and 38 seconds and tell you everything about every food and every sweetener and diet soda and everything else that you need to know he is truly an intelligent man and you can tell he's not pushing a product that's going to put money in his pocket. Thank you everybody and I hope you'll give this guy a try

  5. This is a great channel. Thank you! I came to keto after researching what I should be feeding my cat, which is a well-balanced, species-appropriate raw diet. He benefited so much, so I knew we needed help next! Joint pain, extra weight, gum disease, sleep problems, hemorrhoids, skin problems, dry eyes, cravings, and thin hair have disappeared.

  6. Loved it! Pointed, specific, easy to follow. Thank you ! I am a new subscriber and appreciate your insight because I too am doing keto. I've seen dramatic improvement in my health and energy. I am always seeking to enhance my inowledge, understanding and general awareness of what is happening in the low carb world. Your input on the psychological impact of the keto life style and
    your personal journey greatly adds to my awareness. Thank you for the time and effort you so freely give to help others!

  7. Wow, I have to say when you mentioned your hip problem it was almost as if you were recounting my testimony. I used to have a hip problem which would not go away with exercise, massage , hot balms you name it.

    Anyway, it was when I cut-out sugar from my diet (I can assure you I was doing at least 5-7 cups of coffee a day and each one would have two teaspoons of brown sugar in it….yeah brown sugar is healthy right??) Think about it, if one teaspoon is 5 grams then you're looking at 25-35g of sugar a day and that does not include the sugar that's in milk and all the other things I was eating.

    Seriously when I cut-out sugar from my diet and added intermittent fasting my hip problem disappeared. I used to find it difficult to lift my leg off the floor just to put my trousers on so I really did notice it when I tried to put my trousers on one day and discovered that I had no problems with my hip anymore. Cool.

    Just as you said in the video sugar is inflammatory so anyone listening to this or reading through the comments…SUGAR is inflammatory so cut it out and you'll be surprised what happens to your body.

    Great video!

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