Yummy Raw Vegan Banoffee Pie with Gabrielle Aplin (#FoodWithFriends)

Hello! In this cooking video I am making a no-bake raw vegan banoffee pie. I promise you this is so delicious & easy to make so even if you are not experienced …


  1. This channel is really entertaining, I like the content. Everything looks delicious and healthy. especially this recipe, I would like to taste it.. banoffee pie 😋👍

  2. 1:10 "it's sugar free". Adds dates (75 % sugar), maple sirup (66+ % sugar), bananas (12 % sugar), and dark chocolate (25+ % sugar). Yeah, that cake's a sugar bomb right there 😉 But looks delicious! Didn't knew there was vegan wipped cream btw – I'm going to see if I find that here, too.

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