Turkish Crescent Rolls Chorek "Ay Çöreği" & Turkish Coffee Time With My Neighbor

Merhaba Hello! Let me introduce you to the famous Turkish bakery good “Ay Çöreği”, Turkish crescent rolls or moon chorek as a translation from Turkish.


  1. Excellent as always 👌🏻, sister a small tips for you: in Turkish coffee add quarter teaspoon of cardamom powder (for each cup) with the sugar, trust me it tastes sooooo good with beautiful aroma

  2. Afyet olsun. Thanks for another Turkish recipe / meal / culture… video. Your videos are always inspiring and informative.
    One question: I always make the Turkish or Arabic (as we say!) coffee the traditional way. Does it taste the same with the coffee machine?

  3. Aysenur, did you learn all these amazing cookery and baking skills in a formal culinary program or did you learn this vast knowledge from Mother and Grandmother over the years from childhood? The Turkish Coffee and gorgeous table look so lovely and inviting!

  4. A beautiful culinary tour Aysenur! The modern coffee pot looks nice but we use ibrik or briki. Simple metal ones we mostly use were made in Romania. My 'babies' are 6 ibrik- jezve? – from about 1820, island of Kriti. From your country as you then held this island. They are brass and copper and tin. The modern pot would be perfect for family meals. But for one or two cups I like the ibriki!!! Even grind the coffee beans fresh and by hand.
    The pie looks best of all !!!
    Have a good week!

  5. I keep watching your receipes , mashallah I am going to try five receipes , I love how simple you make it, I have fallen in love with all things Turkish. I am learning Turkish language too , many blessings of peace..👌🌼💖

  6. Assalaamualaikum
    Yeast in breads all the time… Is it good for health..? Am Indian… I don't know much about it… Fermenting the dough with yeast…. If we eat this every day… Is it safe? Just wanted to know…. Please….
    And one more thing… I like all of your kitchen utensils & kitchen machine…. Plzz share those information too…. Eagerly waiting for your reply

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