Doublespeak is language that obscures the meaning of words, in an effort to make the truth sound more agreeable. The term is inspired by George Orwell’s …


  1. Animal agriculture and the dairy and egg industries use the same dirty tricks that the tobacco industry used last century. Marketing, lies, a lot of commercials and paid celebrities to make an unethical product seem acceptable.

  2. No play on words . Bang , the pig is dead . Throat cut to bleed , keep blood for black pudding . Gut the pig but keep guts for sausage skins . Butcher pig into joints . Some joints make bacon and ham , dry cured of course . Part of the head – pig chaps . Shoulder meat into sausages . The pig is a wonderful animal – not much waste

  3. The 'animal products' industry, meat, dairy, fish, eggs tc. are all corrupt and cloaked in lies and subterfuge. They try and block the truth from consumers as they know how many people would be outraged and stop buying their gross disgusting 'products'. There is nothing humane or to be proud of in these industries, really they should be ashamed and embarrassed.

  4. Vegan 20+ years. Vegetarian 5 preceding years. The world is changing – finally. I am truly amazed how much publicity veganism is getting in UK. The new year has started well exposing truths in documentaries, and commercials of meat companies with so many vegan options. A step in the right direction but compared to 20 years ago these exposures were taboo. I'm so disgusted with the evil who believe they can dictate. We decide. And veganism has spoken. The end to animal exploitation, and vegan Revolution is coming. Amen. Ps goodbye all of you sick animal killers/sadists. Hell.will never be enough for you.

  5. The minute you guys talked about the California milk ads I knew exactly what you meant. I have seen that ad nearly every day that I have watched TV since I live in California. Crazy thing is it's mostly on children's channels! It's insane to think that this industry is trying to teach children that milk comes from happy cows and that it's normal and necessary to have milk. I can see how double speak is used in many cases with the food industry. They just want to be able to sell their products even if those products are the result of death and torture.

  6. Opposite DoubleSpeak: eyes and skin of potato, ears of corn, fingerling potatoes(feels like a stretch), navel oranges, butt of the bread, black eyed peas . . .

    War(murder), taxation(theft) biosolids(decaying, condensed fecal matter), civil rights(privilege), purified(chemically treated) water

  7. Hey, if you can't present a valid argument for consuming meat, fish and dairy products, bamboozle people with smoke and mirror tactics. In the words of W.C. Fields: "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit." Unfortunately, the giant corporations have deep pockets with which they launch massive ad campaigns to convince the public that they're really "good guys" who have everyone's best interest at heart – including the animals. For every effort that is made to pull back the curtain to expose the great and powerful Oz, an equal or greater effort is being made to permanently sew the curtains shut.

    But thanks to the efforts of organizations like LiveKindly, along with numerous films and documentaries, most everyone on this planet is aware of the horrific transgressions being perpetrated against animals in the meat and dairy industries. I realize that I'm preaching to the choir on this YouTube channel, but this quote from William Wilberforce is also apropos: "You may choose to look away, but you can never say again that you did not know."

  8. Just egg isnt vegan.
    dont make it look like its vegan or promote it.
    "The development and/or manufacture of the product, and where applicable its ingredients, must not involve, or have involved, testing of any sort on animals conducted at the initiative of the company or on its behalf, or by parties over whom the company has effective control."

    Having animal ag inspect itself is ridiculous, like whats the point of that? Theyd probly just lie or not report bad things they do instead of self incriminating themself.
    Vegans unpaid by animal ag or gov, should be legally allowed to do suprise inspections(at least 4times a yr) and undercover investigations on animal ag, and record it all.
    People who work in and visit animal ag should be allowed to film the conditions. Consumers have the right to kno how the animals r treated, health risks, resulting env damage, and tax funded subsidies to animal ag.
    They should want to show the public how great the conditions r if theres nothing bad to hide.

    The company is to blame for calling it humane when it isnt. They shouldnt be allowed to call it humane, cuz its not, cuz some of the animals r being treated inhumanely by their own standards/definition of inhumane.

    They shuld b shut down for false advertising and owe a refund to all their customers who might have seen heard or read the false advertising and was mislead, and be fined for enforcement costs.

    For all the customers that they were unable to easily give a refund to, take the remaining owed money and make a tv ad saying they commited false advertising and that the cows arnt that happy(show the inhumane treatment) and humans dont need cow milk if they arnt like in a survival situation with nothing else to eat.

    Keeping animals locked up to exploit them, rapeing them, murdering their babies to steal the milk, then murdering them isnt treating them well.
    If theres nothing wrong with it why do they hide the truth and pretend the animals r treated well?

    Just cuz u name the animals doesnt mean u treat them any better.

    Force ben and jerrys to quit saying its from happy cows, if they dont then force them to shut down their dairy based operation and force them to give customers of the happy cow labeled products a refund, but allow them to continue making vegan products.

    "Milk That your body needs" shut them down for saying that and make them give a refund to all their customers who might have seen heard or read the false advertising and was mislead, plus fine them for enforcement costs.

    The public should also b made aware of all the tax funded subsidies animal ag gets.

    So providing basic needs to slaves so they can be exploited and used makes it ok? If they didnt give them basic needs theyd die and not be able to use them for as much meat or milk.

  9. It's amazing how doublespeak has ingrained itself in our society. The American Cancer Society tells you to eat healthy…but offers recipes that include meat, chicken and fish. Totally disregarding the fact that meat is cancer causing. The American diabetes Assoc. Does the same. And then of course Big Pharma bringing up the rear with meds you can take because you eat "healthy" meat! They all depend on this vicious circle of lies!

  10. George Orwell was a little Englander. He wrote amazing, insightful books but he himself could not break free from the english feudal system. He loved Big Brother. The English cannot break free from the English feudal system that is why they voted for Brexit. Brexit is a serious blow to the advancement of the Vegan Revolution.

  11. Double speak is everywhere. When it comes to killing animals, killing people as in Abortion, and war for so called patriotic reasons, only shows how we bullshit ourselves. So if you are vegan, you may want to consider being consistent with issues of abortion and war etc., etc.

  12. Orwell was so smart and humble! What a pity that his life was not easy. I can't stand the fake ads. It's disturbing that so many people believe the idea of the lovely and happy animals(even known that they are slaughtered in the end).

  13. Thank you very much once again for yet another essential documentary for those who seek the truth behind the cruel and misleading animal foods industries! The word humane has no place with these mega profit corporations, or even the smaller independent companies. I often contemplate the "what if" scenario where a species superior to humans perpetrated the same methods and ideologies on people that we perpetrate upon species we consider inferior, or undeserving of natural unharmed life. I ask questions about what-if human females were forcefully and involuntarily impregnated, had their babies taken from them, and then milked for a few years until their milk supply was diminishing enough to render them no longer financially viable, whereupon these human females would be killed for others to eat the muscle tissue from their bodies.

    When I use actual terminology for things (dead animal muscle tissue instead of meat, bird reproductive ova instead of eggs, infant lactation fluid instead of milk), I have found that most people become extremely emotional, defensive, and even angry that I dare to speak what is actually before them, rather than in the cloaked euphemisms so coveted by animal foods industries so that people will continue to blindly use a double standard, doing to others what they would never want done to themselves. Not only are these animal foods industries quite expert at keeping the social order collective content with the status quo, they also have no goal of watching out for the health and longevity of their customers, people who suffer all the well known sicknesses, diseases, and health downsides of eating any animal food products, whether it be "meat", "dairy", or "eggs".

    Few people want to rock their boat, because they were brought up from infancy thinking that cruelty, torture, and killing of animals was okay to do because the animals' purpose in life is to serve the taste buds of humans. I was that way during my younger years, and I was indirectly responsible for the deaths and cruelty of untold thousands of animals prior to more than 30 years of subsequent personal study of the situation. I was brought up in a social order that allowed me to be comfortable for my abhorrent behavior, and it was only through intense personal determination that I finally broke free of the industry-backed feel-good presentations, and became a herbivorous eater of whole plant foods, and one who refuses to purchase any products outside of food that involve animal torture and death.

    My dad long ago, in the mid twentieth century, taught me to do onto others as I would have them do onto me, yet he and my mom served and ate dead animals at nearly every meal, so clearly, dad was not doing onto others as he would have them do onto him. It is indeed sad that, as a collective social order, we do not see "others" as those in species that are not human. To me, for nearly twenty years now, others are all species. They do not want to die or be tortured or live in little cages. They are sentient other beings, not all that different really than we humans are … the BIG difference is a trait that we humans excel at, and that is arrogance.


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