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    Any pests in your garden? Share your favorite DIY pest control below – thanks for watching!

  2. Question regarding neem oil spray …I live in Australia and the neem oil I bought says not to use on edible plants. Is it the wrong product or does yours say the same and we use it anyway because we are not using a large amount of it? It is confusing.


  3. Thanks Kim. Just noticed small mites and a centipede in my house plants that were outside. Going to see if this will help. I hear the centipede eats the mites but not sure lol. Thanks again.

  4. Hello CaliKim29. I have just started following you. Love all of your videos. I have a question on the infestation of White Flies. Do you leave the damaged leaves on the plant? Or do you remove them? Also: if you remove them, where do you cut them off? At the Stem towards the main Stem? Or near the actual leaf? Thank you Kindly. 🙂

  5. The little white moth like flies seem to be immune to this. I bought Neem & peppermint & followed your advice. The plants look ill & the white flies are still there. Hellllp xx

  6. I started a balcony garden after watching your small space garden series. I now have pest issues. Since I'm on a balcony I dont have access to a hose to spray down my plants. Will the neem oil work if I can not enact the step using the hose knocking the bugs off the leaves? I really need some answers I dont want these bugs decimating my first veggie garden. 🥺

  7. Hi I enjoyed your video very much. I have a question, about the neem oil what happens to pets if they are to get any on them, I know that it is watered down some. I have cats and I don't want to hurt the squirrels either ? Will they be okay

  8. I have watched many of Garys vids and yours on the cold pressed neem oil something you are both leaving out is to not use this is direct sun , use early morning or after sundown. This little item needs to be stressed or you could easily burn your plants.

  9. Omg…I've put tooooo much Neem Oil and Burned HALF my beautiful Flowers…I was litteraly Crying…thank you for the video( very informative) i just wish i watched it before i did my disastrous attempt

  10. I just started a container garden 2 weeks ago and just noticed some holes in the leaves of my peppers and basil. This is my first time using neem oil and I’m hopeful I can control the pests long enough for my plants to fruit. Several years ago I had an in ground garden but the soil where I live is very sandy and I had a lot of trouble keeping the soil moist. If I’m successful with my container garden I’m going to try raised beds in my in ground garden plot. I’m hopeful that with the knowledge I’ve gained from binge watching your YouTube channel I will be able to have a more productive garden than I’ve had in the past.

  11. Thank you for doing this video! I'm starting to see every problem you just display here in my garden. Since Spring is setting in all types of bugs are coming into my beautiful garden. I have Neem Oil and Dawn Soap. But, where can I purchase that peppermint oil at?

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