1. I totally get the struggle of travelling and trying to find food you can eat. I'm severely gluten intolerant so travelling can be really stressful. Sometimes I literally end up just eating bananas and a bag of crisps if I'm not well prepared and bring everything myself. As amazing as travelling can be, that's really a downside of travelling when you need to follow a particular diet.

  2. Grocery stores close between four and eight?? I don't know in what part of Spain you are… but the rest of Spain is not like that… Go to Mercadona or bigger chains where you have fruits and vegetables which are cheap and they don't close until 9pm… If you want better produce then go to smaller, local store (they close, but they usually open from 9:00/10:0 until 13:3014:00 and they open back in the afternoon from 17:00 until 20:30/21:00). The reason why small stores close is because they are usually owned by families and they are usually the only ones at the store, making it impossible for them to be open at all times.

    I hope you have a nice stay, enjoy!!!

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