1. Yummy looking meals as always, Hope that you are feeling better Helen summer colds are just the worst I’ve suffered a bit more than usual this year too, I hope that Cameron is enjoying NCS my daughter did it a couple of years ago I think it’s great for young people X

  2. Once again Helen lovely meals!I do hope you're feeling better.You missed Cameron whilst he was away ,obviously.The mozzarella chicken would have been lovely,you can slightly thicken the pan juice to make a type of sauce-it will be very tasty,thanks for your lovely video,take care,Foxy.

  3. Hope your yucky cold is all better by now. Your meals looked great as always! I think the chicken with mozzarella is pretty healthy! You're not feeding your family loads of processed foods- to me those are the worst.

  4. The chicken dish shown last that you did in the instant pot using the packet looks great. If you have time, I’d love to know how you did it. I have some breasts in the freezer and an IP as well. Thanks 😊

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