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  1. Vegetarian is not sustainable…as u cannot combine all the food all the time …but eating meat will take care oyr all the amino acids..what about the lectins and other antinutrients….

  2. Guru man india mein raha hi nahi..ushe kya pata kitni muskil se .eek eek rupee jood ke body ba nani padti hai .
    Woo bolta ye bhi le lo woo bhi le lo ..ab kya ghar girwi rah den .
    Guruman idiot hai..yaar .
    He is not even Indian use kya pata How Indian manage .

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  4. Yes less protein, incomplete amino acid profile. Try having 180g of protein through vegetarian diet while keeping the biological value of the plant protein.
    You will be an obese person in few months.
    Don't believe these YouTube charlatans or fake gurus

  5. Vegetarians will b happy with this vdo.. my question what do u have to say about GI and GL goin up with tryin to combine veg sources of protein. You also mentioned rajma chael as a combination.. how much does protein rice has?

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