TOP 10 TRAVEL DESTINATIONS | where to van life in 2020

We asked 10 of our favourite van life creators to share their TOP TRAVEL DESTINATIONS for 2020 After years of living in a tiny house on wheels we think …


  1. Hello dear friends!! Hoping you had a wonderful holiday season with family & friends and feel refreshed & excited to take on a wonderful year of adventure ahead!!! Enjoy this week's collaboration video with some of our FAVOURITE vanlifers!! What destination have you added to your bucket list after watching?!

  2. Nice places to visit.

    Check out the ''City Walk Guide'' app on Google store!

    Contains the most 100 visited cities in the world with itineraries and points of interests.

  3. Eamon n Bec, you guyz are huge inspiration.
    Hello from India, My fiance and I are moving to Poland in 2020 for our postgrads, I think this is the video which will convince Him to do van life with me….
    Thank you guyz so much.😘😘

  4. All the van travels are sooo enticing!
    I'm still exploring Western Australia in my partially built out van 😄.
    Definitely going to look into hiring vans more now during my biannual overseas travel.
    Wishing everyone a happy & healthy 2020.

  5. Happy New Year Eamon & Bec ❤
    So happy you are back. This was a fabulous video with many of my favorite people. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Love you guys 🤗

  6. I just loved this video <3 This video had most of my favourite vanlife vloggers in it and it is just such an inspiration and a motivation to keep working hard (I am saving for my own van :D) and of course it was great to see you guys again x I am looking forward to much more of your videos!!

  7. Hey! I bought your photo edits and I'm still having trouble getting it set up! I think it's because I have a Google pixel! I tried to email again but please get back to me so I can start using those awesome edits!!!

  8. COLOMBIA! On a whim, I spent a week there with my wife this year and highly, highly recommend visiting! The Matney’s trip does a good job showing a lot of this country. I love all the people in this video and happy to be introduced to some van lifers I never knew existed. Thanks for the list!

  9. Glad you guys enjoyed Iceland. I moved there when I was 1 years old with my family and lived there for 17 years. I haven't been back there since 2006 but plan to go back home this year and I can't wait!

  10. This video is perfect. It’s beautiful to see the community that the van life brings you. Thank you for making the videos you make and inspiring me to free myself from the city and start my van life

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