LIVE CHAT – Tati Beauty's Blendiful + Makeup Geek Rebrand + Bite Beauty Goes VEGAN! & MORE!

Lots of things happening on the release side of beauty this week! Tati Beauty released the Blendiful, Makeup Geek is gearing up for their long awaited rebrand, …


  1. Excited about the Tati puff. Got my hands on one and the pallet. I own the beauty blender puff which is pretty decent but not as bendy as the Tati one (we'll see when it gets here)…MannyMUA did receive it in PR, so I'm guessing you'll be getting one as well…CAN'T WAIT to see your review on it & the ones you bought…xo

  2. I totally agree with you Jen, regarding how so many people today are out of line and become so bossy, demanding others do things. They behave like entitled prima donnas and brats. They need to humble themselves and learn how to be tactful and grateful.

  3. Please make the video suggesting ingredients to look for in young girls skin care! I have learned so much for myself and for my 11 year old daughter watching your videos. My daughter also used the Unicorn mask and got a burn on her face from it. She has sensitive skin so I just assumed it was something she was sensitive to.

  4. For those who prefer palettes w/ already curated color stories many brands that make singles, ie Sydney Grace, Clionadh, Devinah, DO release bundles of their singles w/ beautifully pre-curated color stories (& sometimes w/ a magnetic palette included too)

  5. I'm disappointed by the change from Bite Beauty as well, I have loved the lip mask for years. I have never encountered any good vegan alternatives to lanolin, consistency-wise they are either too thin and oily or too thick and waxy and nothing seems to have that quality of feeling thick like an occlusive while having the healing properties you want in a lip product.

    That being said, I do applaud them for going vegan for ethical reasons, but early reviews for the lip mask as well as reviews from some of their other reformulated products have not been favourable – saying things like it doesn't last as long, isn't as moisturising, tastes bad/smells weird etc. It's fine to reformulate vegan, (if you really love lanolin you can always get it pure at any pharmacy), but I feel that Bite should have made a better effort to make the new formula as good or better than the original instead of settling for almost as good, because I'm seeing a lot of old fans of their products being really disappointed, and you don't want to alienate your current customers in the hopes of gaining new ones.

  6. Frankly I'm not expecting some sort of miracle tool from Tati. It's just a tool which she uses, believes in, and loves a lot and it makes sense for her brand to have her personal version of it. I think people have unrealistic expectations for this thing and she's going to get slammed when their faces don't blend themselves in under two minutes

  7. I agree that going to a dermatologist, or at least the family doctor, is the best idea. I have soooooo many non-doctors (friends, acquaintances) give me medical advice about different things, from eczema to supplements. I say beware of friends offering medical advice, especially those that sell what they are recommending!

  8. I love single shades! I dislike buying a pallete with shades I won't use. It's wasted money and wasted product. But I'm very minimal with my makeup quantities. I did a build your own palette from colourpop and picked out only colors I would wear and I absolutely love it!

  9. Why would you use masks with kids and friends, they don’t need it and shouldn’t they be playing with kids makeup or baby dolls! Too young! I research and consult medicine why not grownup make up…consult pediatricians and or dermatologist! It’s parents responsibility! Better safe than sorry!

  10. Lucy, if you have an olive undertone, I've found that Urban Decay Stay Naked matches me super well, and I use 40NN and 41NN, which are neutral. But I have an olive undertone, and the stay Naked foundation has been THE ONLY foundation other than Wet N Wild PhotoFocus that actually matches me.
    A good way to tell your undertone is to look at the veins in your wrists. If they look green, that's a warm undertone. Purple=cool undertone. Between green or blue(if it's not one clear color but a mix)=neutral (olive often looks this way)
    Always look for your undertone in natural sunlight, as artificial lighting can have hues to them

  11. Dang ALL of the reviews for the new bite beauty lip balm are horrible and asking for the old formula back! I wish I would've got the gift set cuz it was on sale for like $12 for 3 products, and I had an extra 20% off sale items. Dammit!

  12. I use sonja kashuk spray for quick cleaning, but honestly I use tea tree oil shampoo I used to use to actually clean them. And dish soap for my sponges. And I dont use the scrubbing pads, I just use my hands. I can control how hard it is and seems to work better for me.

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