Impossible Foods vs Beyond Meat: Which fake-meat fast food burger is better? | STUFF IN OFFICE

Plant-based meat and meat substitutes have greatly increased in popularity over the last five years. Now, they’re beginning to show up in our fast food. Beyond …


  1. Problem with these comparisons is that there is a huge difference in a burger just served off the grill and one that has been sitting for a while. After hundreds of trips to In-N-Out (both dine-in and take-out), I've found that a burger starts tasting gross after sitting about 20-30 minutes. I'm sure it took longer to buy these burgers then take it back to the LA Times offices.

  2. I really like watching both of these hosts doing their own "thang". Together they make a great pair…he is a bit more the performer (a "columnist"), while she is a bit more serious (a "writer"). The outtakes at the end really highlight how well they can work together. And, darnit…I have yet to have a plant-based burger! Maybe that's just because I don't many burgers in general, or fast food at all?

  3. Hey Lucas, I really appreciate your work since your days at Eater. I think that you have all of the tools to eventually become the spiritual successor to Anthony Bourdian (or as close to it as anyone could come). The tools are there and it's just a matter of keeping on perfecting your craft. (How many successful shows did Bourdain have until Parts Unkown…which I personally think was his best work).

    Have you ever considered adding an angle to the LA Times Food that combines food/politics/culture/etc — I feel like that's the direction that your series is naturally heading whether it was purposely designed that way or not.

    In times like we are living in now, you have a real opportunity to be a voice of reason and promote social cohesiveness as opposed to the divisiveness that the general public appears to be bombarded with on a daily basis. If we could focus on what brings people together, whether it be through food/culture etc, instead of what drives us apart then you would have a very powerful tool to make a positive change.

    Or even if you just stick to what you're doing right now, it's still awesome and much appreciated! Great stuff man.

  4. Somehow ironic, in the end you compared a trash mcdonalds patty, which is barely recognizable as meat, with patties that pretend to be a trash mcdonalds style patty, what makes them pretty much the same trash.

  5. I honestly think people should leave the American cheese burger alone if u want to eat healthy have something else. Fake meat is so bad for you it usually has more saturated fat and sodium then plain beef plus thing about all the fillers that are in those things gross

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