🗽New York City, Wagamama Flat Iron – 23rd January – 6.30pm
    🇺🇸 Boston USA, Wagamama Seaport – 24th January – 6.30pm

    first come first serve – no tickets needed!

    big love Gaz

  2. I didn't quite understand the "how" part in this video. Maybe it should have been titled How to Plate Sticky Vegan Ribs. I've made seitan a dozen different ways and it always tastes strongly not at all like meat. Been Vegan for 7 years.

  3. Maybe I should start a channel where I make fake vegetables out of animal products. Actually, never mind. I don't need to because I don't have a craving for what is more or less glorified foliage. It's quite unlike the vegans who never seem to stop craving meat. If you are to believe many vegans, supposedly humans are herbivores, yet we all have a natural urge to consume meat. I've never seen a human being salivate over leaves. If humans were herbivores we would want nothing but to eat plants. We would have no appetite for meat. Am I wrong?

    But please, do continue replicating meat. It is quite entertaining watching your elaborate recipes. It's almost like the ancient art of alchemy. Alchemist tried to combine different ingredients to create gold. Of course creating gold is not possible, but they didn't know this. They probably believed they came close to the real thing. If it is gold colored and hard, almost like gold, then surely it must be gold… Right? Hmmm… It must have driven them absolutely mad!

  4. Why do call it Ribs??? There are no ribs being use with this recipe!! Why dont you just call it " Better than Ribs" Dont call it what is not, just be creative by creating new dishes with original organic names. Be true to the Dish you are creating by not be a knockoff of an already existing dish.

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