1. Hey Trooper, Keep up the good work! I really like that you are showing more poker footage in your vlogs then you used to. Keep it up. I am currently working on a plan to attempt to play poker full time my self and have used your vlogs as part of my planning process. If I make it to Vegas I'll hit you up! Good luck at the tables.

  2. Been a subber since b4 you had 1,000. Love your confidence, it has helped with mine as well. I will be out there playing my baccarat system for 2 or 3 weeks next month. Hope to see you around. Griff.

  3. great work on your vlog,never seen someone so dedicated / busting their nuts,keep up the grind man, maybe one day you will try introducing juicing to your day its amazing what it does for your body and mind,

  4. I sometimes moan about going to work but it's sure as hell a damn sight better than getting up mid afternoon , drink coffee , pretend to be Stephen Spielberg , go the strip , every fuckin day
    Talk about Groundhog Day

  5. Good to see pure aggression again. He is kind of a timid guy but I like his advice in his videos. He is the best you tuber you ever posted with in my opinion. He is a genuine person. The others idk working at a strip club or pulling pranks on the strip seems like a gimmick to try and steal your posters. Stick with poker people don't fall for the bs of Vegas baby. I hate that phrase and everything stays in Vegas. Trooper you are a good person don't let the glitter of Vegas or you tube change that.

  6. Just a vlog idea to toss at you. Throw it away if you like. Start at one end of the strip playing poker and hit every room in order of appearance on the strip for a couple hours and give each room a review. Or not. Keep up the great vlogs.

  7. You can't be drinking from an open mug coffee will be cold when you are half finished. Get a nice mug with a cover so temperature stays consistent. And maybe something on amazon to froth the milk you won't even miss starbucks.

  8. Trooper! Great job on this video man. You should get some comps to the shows man. I did all that and perhaps in the future I may make another Vegas run. I don't know because I have a lot on my plate now. Keeping true to the game man you are a winner!

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