Food Diaries- Vegan Week, Day 3- Easy Vegan Meals for a Sick Day

I am SO sick! But we still had to eat Vegan. So, we changed things up a bit. This might be the shortest video of the week. Not a…


  1. Proud of you guys I hope you don't feel discourage by the slip ups. Its unavoidable. I haven't listened to all the food/Bible videos yet but Daniels diet is probably the best example of how to eat for health. It does however take a lot to get used to… i mean… Veggies and water only… lol I can't even do that. I think the main point however is to avoid overly processed foods. So the focus is on whole foods. Alot of people add olive oil to the list but it's an incomplete food, eat the olive instead. I'm vegan but I do not keep my kids on a strict vegan diet, it's tough. They eat very little veggies still so fortified foods do play a big part in their health still. I would suggest "How not to die cookbook" by Dr Greger. He also has a YouTube channel. Hope this info isn't overwhelming. I'm sure it's tough to decide which path to take when you hear so many conflicting opinions. Any God bless ^_^

  2. Did the buffet have signs specifying which items are vegan? I’m only pescatarian, but still have the toughest time at buffets trying to figure out which dishes are meatless.

  3. Awww….hang in there you're doing it Family! Too funny Ricky and Marquise looked like the cats who swallowed the canaries! Good for you Brianna You're doing great! Amanda i hopey you feel better soon you poor thing you seem to get alot of colds and such. Thank you for your perserverance! Rick keep drinking that vegan water! (Hi Brian!). God bless you all! 😊

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