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  1. So happy to see that you are having an amazing time! It seems like you've already grown so much as a person, but you are still being 'you' and down to earth! Even though I think it's really scary to travel on my own (beacuse I'm also an introvert) but you inspire me everyday to do the same thing. Have a lovely day!

  2. It's so strange to see you where I'm from and where I grew up! I was home two weeks ago so would have just missed you in Townsville and on Maggie. Hope you enjoyed my little home!

  3. Would love for you to do a personal hygiene when backpacking for 3 months video next? Especially when traveling in a very humid country😂 You always seem to look fresh in your videos.

  4. A Solo traveling tip I learned from experience: If you're female traveling solo and you're staying at a hostel, DO NOT book into a mixed dorm. I booked into a mixed dorm at a hostel in London, cos it was cheaper than all female, thinking it would be fine and there would be boys and girls in the room. It was a 8 bed room, there were 5 beds occupied including mine, and I was the ONLY GIRL in the dorm. I considered asking to be moved but decided to stick it out (stupid). Nothing happened thank goodness but I did feel very uncomfortable at night and felt I was being watched (I absolutely was being watched). Stayed at the hostel for 3 nights and didn't sleep very well any of the nights. But after that experience I promised myself I would only book all female dorms from now on, unless i'm traveling with a friend, and would never put myself in that uncomfortable and possibly dangerous position ever again.Sound piece of advice.

  5. I'm jealous of your hair, it looks so good in this video and in general. I have really straight hair and it would just look like a mop if I grew it out

  6. I felt like I wanna be productive today and Woah here is your vlog!!! Seeing u enjoying your trip makes me so pround of you. Good luck with your ing trip 🙏💚

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