1. Oh gosh. You guys are so sweet! She argues about how the cookies should be split, but offers you a bite? That's just sweet. And you in turn tell her she's beautiful, which she obviously is. It's so nice to see you guys being kind to each other. May you both find more cookies to share, and more sweetness to brighten your days with. Oh… and the trailer was great, I'm hyped to watch WW84. 🙂

  2. I knew you were going to give him a bite! He looked so crestfallen and I don't think I could have denied my lover with that face!! I get excited for DCEU films that don't have Snyder as the main person in charge. Y'all better sang Disney's Hercules, it's the Gospel Truth.

  3. I've been subscribed for awhile now . And i have to say, you two are one of the cutest couples on YouTube. And your man is right, girl! Your beautiful! 💙💜 take care. Can't wait until june 5th, 2020

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