1. Gonna be honest with you. If you change the name of this to something that sounds like a cooking channel and upload regularly I think this will surpass your photography channel in average views within a year. You did a great job.

  2. Hi Peter! Would love to hear your backstory. Getting to know you..Why you decided to create this channel, what content you’re going to put out, how often we can look forward to it (every Thursday)! You’re very engaging. I think you have a great future on YouTube and can build a huge following of subscribers. Eventually build an email list, and they’ll buy your e-books how to do these recipes, maybe get together with you on YouTube lives… Miles Beckler has great info on his channel on how to grow your channel sustainably—-He’s sincere, accomplished, straight-forward, kind, and cares. I wish you great success and happiness! Thanks for sharing your interests and yourself! All the best!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Peter to you and your family. We dont have Thanksgiving in the UK but I was invited to a few lunches with friends in Washington DC and Pennsylvania (Amish country). It was so nice to be join their family's for this special holiday.

  4. Love your presentation and energy! PBS Show Quality! Did you forget to use the onions? I kept looking at them in the bowl… I really enjoyed your thicker homemade almond milk video. Happy Thanksgiving!

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