WEENIES ROYALE Japanese Internment Camp Recipe | HARD TIMES – food from times of hardship

Welcome back to another episode of Hard Times where I explore food and recipes from times of hardship. Today, I’m making a recipe, from the days of …


  1. My dad is from Guam and my grandparents grew up eating this and he still cooks it to this day (in his late 50s). A lot of the hard time dishes that I've watched on your channel and others here, I grew up eating and is comfort food to me. It makes me appreciate food more knowing the history and origin of it.

    Thank you for all your knowledgeable videos!! ❤

  2. I think a lot of people ate and still eat this way. Its called making do no matter when or where you live.
    Growing up our meals were not elaborate. Many were cheap and "stretched ". We ate a lot of chicken, turkey legs, beef tongue, ox tail soup, and such. We had a huge huge garden, hunted, and fished.
    As an adult I still don't eat lavishly but better than as a child.

  3. It reminds me of nakkikastike, a Finnish hot dog dish that translates directly to "hot dog gravy". It is made with a roux, sauteed onion, cube beef stock and water, salt, pepper, mustard and ketchup, and served usually with boiled, peeled potatoes or mash. Extremely plain, but still something dear to the inner child.

  4. Was a tv series here Back in time for dinner.Started in the 40s right up to the 90s.Was a Canadian remake of a British show.My grandfather was a cook for the railway often cooked alot of Duck or Goose.Similar to mother cooking but a little different. She never cooked either duck or goose.Brings back alot of memory s watching these home style recipes.

  5. My mother and i immigrated to America in the mid 50s. We lived in an area full of Japanese Americans and immigrants. This recipe was one we had often and I in turn prepared it for my children and my grandson. It is good and filling. We add a garnish of green onion and toasted sesame seeds. This also works great with marinated extra firm tofu. Tofu adds a bit more work but provides a meat free meal for vegetarian or without the egg, vegan diets

  6. I have enjoyed many of your videos, and I enjoy your learning and sharing history. Back in 1982 my 7th or 8th grade teacher brought as a guest toour class the author of farewell to Manzanar, so I was delighted by the reference. I have cooked many of your r5ecipes. thank you

  7. Very glad you said this it's American history especially as those people were Americans even if not born here. It's a part of history we need to study because some polititians still think evil things like this are a good idea and repeat this sick practice.

  8. This brought back memories for me. When I was young in California, I had a lovely older Japanese couple as neighbors. They needed a little help with heavy things or gardening and my husband and I would help. They would make Eggs Royale for us along with beautiful slices of apple pears. Internment camps were such a terrible time in our history, but in their case there was some sweetness with the bitter. They owned strawberry fields and orchards and their neighbors were so upset that they would lose everything. During all of the years of internment, the neighbors worked those fields and orchards for them and saved the money to give them when they got out. They would cry when they told the story and how proud they were to live in America where even if the policy is wrong the people are good. Thanks Emmy.

  9. Emmy I've loved you from the start with your genuine smile and your infectious demeanor, but I have to say that those internment camps were designed to make we Americans feel safe, post Pearl Harbor. With over 100,000 on the west coast alone dispersed from wartime invasion , In my opinion did nothing more than enrich the culture of said coast! The Japanese are a far more advanced society than we AMERICANS. I admit, but Imperialism stepped on his dick on this one… Hiroshima and Nagasaki could have been Tokyo and Osaka basically wiping a great great culture from the face of the earth, not withstanding the hands full that came here before… Not to bore you but, I find the Japanese culture fascinating, after 4 trips totalling 30 months. I love what you do and please keep it coming! Thanks

  10. Many, many years ago I lived in La Mesa, CA. My boyfriend was a Marine based there. Our neighbor was a nice Japanese gal. We became friends. Her parents went through the internment camps during WWII. They lost everything. My neighbor and I talked and she shared many Japanese recipes with me. One of them was not so Japanese but it was the one you just did, Weenies Royale. That was not the name but the food was the same. Good memories of hard times.

  11. I really enjoy watching these videos on hard times.. it really helps when you are actually seeing how it was prepared rather than just reading a recipe. Thank you. Please keep them coming 💜

  12. Somethings quite similar was my favorite student meal. Only the Hot Dogs where real Wieners not the low quality stuff you call a sausage in the states. Fun fact in Vienna Wieners are called Frankfurters because they have been invented by a butcher who emigrated from Frankfurt to Vienna.

  13. What people nowadays seem to be forgetting is that if the Imperial Japan would have won the war it wouldn't have placed the american population in internment camps but extermination camps. The Holocaust was not a thing that happened only in Europe against jews, gypsies and slavs. No the Imperial Japanese forces committed atrocities in China and against American PoWs on a scale that Hitler could only dream of. The only reason that the political elite in Japan got away scot free with these atrocities is because unlike Germany they never did sign the Geneva Convention, which is the same reason the US could use the atomic bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki and no one could blame them for it. And also the reason why in WWII US didn`t have German American or Italian American internment camps only Japanese American internment camps. By not signing the Geneva convention Japan essentially told the world it will only wage unrestricted total war where laws, rules and basic human decency don't apply.
    PS: Second time I write this comment after it miraculously vanished when I edited it to correct a grammar mistake. (really strange things happening on Youtube with comments and or videos that care about historical accuracy above being PC)

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