Hey y’all! Today I am cleaning my house before Thanksgiving and also sharing a great recipe to help use up that leftover Thanksgiving turkey! I hope this video …


  1. That looked so yummy! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well.💞.. I would love to have an Amish made bedroom suite, but they are outrageous, but very well made.;)

  2. Everything looks lovely!
    I'm not trying to be ugly, but I would brush off the bed sheets before I make it, and also start at the top of stairs before vacuuming to eliminate footprints. But that's just me maybe I'm too picky! Lol! Keeping dinner trends is so beneficial for the family! ❤ God bless!

  3. merhaba, gece kullanılan yastıkların yere atılıp tekrar aynı kılıfla yatağa konulmasını hijyenik bulmadım …aynı şekilde temiz yeni yıkanmış çamaşırların katlanıp yere konulması da hijyenik değil…brokolileri aliminyum folyoda pişirmek de ilerleyen zamanda ağır metal zehirlenmesine sebep olur …dekorasyonu beğendim türkiyeden sevgiler… mutlu yıllar..

  4. Will be trying the pot pie. I think I will add potatoes. I keep the great value diced and sliced canned potatoes. I think the diced would be good with the carrots.
    I would just pick out a bed you like and paint your other pieces. Or build a headboard and buy a king frame. Check out Hollies furniture in her bedroom, Simply Lake and Lace and Shanthis Lifestyle. Her husband painted their bedroom suite white and it's so pretty. Hollie bought two end tables off fb market then her husband put some stained wood over the top. Painted the stands white. I found a beautiful Hutch like Hollies with her quilts in it on fb for $ 150. Going to paint mine an ivory color.

  5. I have the Demarlos signature bedroom furniture in a queen size and we love it. I got mine at furniture connection which it is made by Ashley. You can get as many pieces and sizes of it that you want. I’ve had mine awhile but if you go to Bits of Bri ‘s channel she has the same as I have. My nightstands are a little different than hers. Dinner looks delicious 🥧!

  6. Happy and blessed 🦃 to you and you cute family Jen 🙏 I bought my beautiful tweed tufted bed at Costco about 4 months ago and still sitting in the boxes in my garage 😭 some day we will when life slows down . We slept on a full for about 28 years and a queen for 8 years now and that's good for us anyhoo 💜much love from snowy ❄⛄❄beautiful Utah

  7. Hi jenn! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. You mentioned you wanted ideas on Bedrooms i just got a new one and love it i brought it at Badcock home furniture & more it's called Augusta II I messaged you pictures of it on fb messenger i didn't know how to post it here

  8. Thanks for a great video! Happy Thanksgiving! You know my husband and I have not had a matching bedroom set for the 15yrs we have been married while every other room in the house (the kids’ bedrooms 🙄) are nicely furnished and finished. We haven’t bought a set because at my favorite stores bedroom sets are so expensive, thousands of dollars. Well this year we invested in a vacation rental in the mountains and furnished the entire place with American Furniture Warehouse. Typically in my evidently snooty mind, haha, I would never have bought something from AFW for my main house. BUT, seeing that the condo looks so great it has completely changed my mind. For our next anniversary we have already talked about getting a bedroom set at AFW. My point is, head over there and see what they have! Lots of great, affordable options!!! 👍🏽

  9. Jen, what kind of vacuum cleaner do you have? Also, what vacuum did you use on your stairs? I am looking for a new one and yours looked like it did a good job on your carpets. Your home looks beautiful. I love your Christmas decorations too. I am definitely making your pot pie. YUM!! Great video. Love and blessings to you and your family for a Happy Thankgiving. 💟🍁🍁💟

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