Meatless Sausage~Vegan or Not~Starving Artist!

Welcome to Imma Starving Artist!–a series where we explore foods from times of hardship! This one hails from WW2–it’s a meatless sausage that will blow your …


  1. What an interesting technique, to mix, fry, simmer and fry again is very clever because it would gel the oats together and create that more meaty texture. I am going to give this a go. I might try adding a few other things to the mix including some ground sunflower seeds for added nutrition. A really excellent share. Thank you! I found this video via a Pinterest email that was sent to me making suggestions about pins that I should check out and they weren't wrong, this is stellar. I just subscribed to follow your (excellent) YouTube channel. Thank you for posting this awesome recipe and for the other vegan (and vegan friendly) recipes on your site and channel 🙂

  2. Thanks for the recipe. I eat my vegan wot!supa burgers ( called so 'cause once the consumer finds out its not beef, thats the comment😆). My go-to suprgrain is millet. I know of someone who used rye grain for vegan burger. I definitely gonna try your fry-broil-fry method. I'll see if it holds without eggs; maybe I can just make it into mill'eat balls 😂. Cheers

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