What's In My Fridge For A Healthy Keto & Paleo Lifestyle – Fridge Tour!

Do I actually practice what I preach and stock my fridge with the healthy items I talk about from the grocery store!? The answer is yes, and this is my normal fridge …


  1. Happy December Bobby and Family…..and of course Art too 🙂 I've been looking to buy a shirt that you very wearing a couple of videos ago "Taking care of buscuits" and I can't find it! Any ideas on where I can buy one for my son for Christmas??

  2. Good for you you can eat all those yummy good stuff
    I am trying to buy organic groceries but most of the time I can’t Afford them . I wish you could give away your extra goodies which companies send you
    It’s the season of giving🎄

  3. Hi Bobby !
    I saw in a couple of videos you mentioned wine . I think one was an organic Trader Joe’s wine and then a Keto sugar free wine ?
    Can you tell me what you would suggest ? I love red wine- would love to know what you’d suggest

  4. I have to try the sir kensington’s mayonnaise, because I don’t like the flavor of the primal kitchen mayo AT ALL, can’t do it, just something about it. And it’s expensive.

  5. Yes…do a pantry video. Rose is looking so sweet. Thanks for tour of your fridge! Hope you can get a larger place and room for double ovens! Oh yeah…no more using the neighbors!! I keep checking Costco for your cookbook..
    Zero. I'm glad Ina's are not there either…never wanted one when I was pre-Keto. Love you all💕

  6. Please continue on your mission to get all those products in Canada! I love your grocery videos, but I get so jealous when I see all the products that you can get and the prices too!

  7. Hey, I’m Paul’s friend. Love your vids. Would you mind me asking, what should I do if the fermented foods hurt my stomach? Even citrus and ACV bother me. So I’m missing out. Any advice?

  8. Dont keep open cans 🙏🏻😰🙀🙀🙀 in ur fridge and anywere once u open it u have to put in a different plate or bowl omg 😱 its super dangerous to keep the food in the same can people can died seriously 🔕🔕🔕🔕🔕🔕🔕🔕🔕🔕🔕🔕🔕🔕🔕🔕🔕🔕🔕🔕🔕🔕dont do that please 🙏🏻

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