1. Was just wondering what you might recommend as to take for severe vertigo (as in a tincture or any vitamins in addition to the food)?I’m new to tackling this problem. Especially bad in the evening after the sun sets, symptoms can be more severe/noticeable.

    Any advice appreciated!!


  2. Before you have a big meal that may give you reflux all you have to do is drink 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 16oz of water. The reason is your stomach needs a little more acid to properly digest all of that food. Simple fix!

  3. ooo, lookin' radiant! and really awesome to hear that vertigo has gone away. I never really experienced that as much before, however, I did have some weird balance issues lol now that's gone away for me and basically just a superhuman. awesome video! peace and love!

  4. Hi, just curious, would you eat 1 big meal of sweet potatoes a week for $1,000? That would mean you would get $52,000 a year just for eating 1 meal a week of sweet potatoes a week. They would obviously have to be cooked.

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