1. Happy holidays CREWWWW and we hope everyone enjoy their holidays. This year our families couldn’t make it so we decided for the first time to cook and have a thanksgiving of our own. Check out how it went….

  2. The food need a slop essence to it. I cant eat It if the gravy ain't runnenth over. Yam juice all in the Mac cheese with the greens but the dinner rolls on the opposing side lol. Yalllllllll. Awwwwwwww.

  3. AMEN fathe Sargento cheese in the mac!!! Yay Lordt!!! The trick to my mac n cheese is the slices of Sargento pepper jack cheese layered across the top…then more shredded cheese on top of that. Gives a nice kick!💯

  4. Hi Corey and Davonta, this is a really cute video. Your meal looks delish and the presentation is beautiful. I agree, one plate is good enough for everything. I never understood people who did not want their food to touch. All of it is going to touch in your stomach and intestines. Thank you both for making me smile. Stay happy and in love. Tina in Cali

  5. You two are wonderful together. Understand that together you form a family and doing things like making Thanksgiving dinner together only enhances that bond. There will be future events where your families will be part of the celebration but as long as you two love each other and make that love the centerpiece of your home life will be good. If you read this please give each other a hug and realize that your relationship together is special.

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