1. I enjoyed the califia farms mint cocoa almondmilk creamer, but it definitely makes more a treat drink. It’s better used with a light hand. A little too sweet for my taste for everyday coffee but nice for a holiday treat. 😊

  2. UGH i love seeing u and eric together. u just have this gr8 energy that i always get into, it's nice, also puppy!! <3 good that you mentioned thanksgiving cause now im gonna go binge all ur old holiday recipes. yeeeeeeeeeeeeey love me a sunday night!

  3. I looooove Forgetting Sarah Marshall, so funny! That ice cream looks amazing. It's not where I live in the north, but I'm heading to Austin TX soon and I'll look for it there. I'm with you on snow, Sarah, that's why I'm heading south for the winter! ☃️

  4. Four Sigmaatic is going overboard with their sponsorships. The last 5 vegan videos I’ve watched today were sponsored by them. I find them overrated and overpriced. It’s kinda grotesque.

  5. Melvin is freaking adorable! Nut Pods is the best vegan cream and it’s all unsweetened which might be why you don’t like it. I’m always amazed at how different people’s tastes are. I think Daiya is disgusting but lots of people (like you) like it.

  6. Oh COME ON now, not you too!!

    Yet ANOTHER youtuber, uploading a commercial ad for that crappy nonsense, pretending to be a vlog?

    Caitlin doing it was bad enough, but you?!

    Here is some TRUTH about the 4sigma-nonsense and their unfounded claims:

    Best watch this and research more, before you just repeat whatever they say… 🙁 Truly, expected more of you.

    And – heck, they probably TRULY ARE desperate, if they pay all the famous Vegan youtubers now to promote their crap…

  7. I'm very fortunate….even though most of my family isn't vegan, they are willing to use plant-based ingredients for all the sides. There's always turkey and gravy unfortunately, but it's easy enough to sub in a homemade seitan or Gardein product and a vegan gravy for myself and any other vegan or vegetarian. For one gathering I made a vegan pumpkin layer cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. It was a hit with everyone! The other had a couple of vegan pies, and my daughter's stepmother made apple pie, traditional recipe, but veganized. 🙂

  8. The califia farms peppermint mocha creamer is top notch amazing! I cut down on the cost of using it by also using the blue diamond creamy cashew milk to lighten the color of the coffee and then add a tablespoon or so of the creamer for the flavor. Ends up being less candy sweet and the creamer lasts way longer. That all being said the nog flavored creamer from califia is horrible! It tastes likes super sweet pink bubble gum.

  9. Hi Sarah and Eric ! I can't wait to listen to your Xmas song! Btw I every so often hear you singing Royal in my head and love it! I've listen to your songs so many times! I'm a real fan! Eric is super good too👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼! What a team! Thanks for putting yourselves out there! Sarah I can't believe that you were lifting those big ass weights!! Dang guuuurl👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼!❤️Kathy

  10. All the food in this video looks so good and I'm definitely going to check out your Christmas covers, I really love your voices together.
    I just wish you would stop promoting a brand that charges a lot of money for drinks with mushroom in them, that have little to no science behind them 🙁

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