1. Seaaaannnn youre so stupiiiddd you should have looked up what you could get like McDonald’s apple pies are vegan and Whole Foods has soooo many options they have the most BOMB vegan cookies/ brownies I have ever tasted (better than regular) and they also have vegan pizza sushi and soups you still lit tho

  2. 😂😂my friend brought vegan chocolate chip muffins and they where actually good, so we offered them to our biology teacher he was like, 😂😂😐 no I'm not eating that 😂😂…. but I'm never going vegan, I need my tacos 🌮

  3. Sean Nguyen is truly an inspiration and beacon of veganism. Never has another YouTuber inspired and invoked such a lovely and eloquent lifestyle into his viewers. From this day forward, I swear to become a vegan in honor of greatest YouTuber, Sean Nguyen. I'll still be with you even when you hit 1 million subs, Sean! #NotifcationSquad

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