1. So I came back to tel you that last night I did a quick apple crumble in the DeLonghi only this time, I didn't do it the the mini dishes. Instead, I did it similar to your way. Oh my gosh, so freakin' fun. Then I went out and got soya vanilla ice cream for the top. Just did three apples because I needed a quick small dessert. Thanks, Booger!

  2. Getting ready to go camping and wonder if this crumble mix can be made up in advance and stored in a cooler till ready. I'd like to use a dutch oven to cook this. Wadda you think Booger? Your pear crisp looks scrumptious.

  3. Guess what???? I know that Tom rated this a whopping "5" and you want to know how I know that? There was 5 Mmmmm's!!!!!! Way to go Tom. That looks totally awesome and so delish. Thanks Booger for another fantastic recipe video and really liked the ending, hee hee. Love ya both bunches. Claudia

  4. Very cool, Booger. I did the same in mine too but little ones. Soooo much fun.
    I cannot believe how much air frying has become important to my kitchen.
    And now pressure cooking. It just blows my mind how fun these things are.
    Happy New week and boogie boogie, baby.

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