1. Awesome video Hench ! Love it and you look great man. Trolls are so lame. I really feel bad for them. To have that much negativity and boredom in your lives that you must make stupid comments. Keep doing you Hench and thanks for the video. From Canada , cheers

  2. Sorry mate but " A party for all in my mouth" made me piss myself!!!! I I have to use that in a line!!

    On a serious note another awesome video keep up the good work brother!

  3. Hi @Hench Herbivore i've been vegan for 2 years, and because of a depressive slump I've not been eating very well, and im suffering from fatigue, do you happen to have any tips, or a book that can help me?

  4. Have you and your girlfriend ever tried avoiding wheat, grains and flour for your gut issues. I'm genuinely interested as I wonder whether this is a large contributing factor to gut issues not only experienced by myself but others I know?

  5. Always up for vegan weight loss ideas! I went crazy with the mock meats and junk food when I became vegan bc how can you resist when you see a vegan option on a takeout menu lmao

  6. Just got my first vivo life shipment and have tried the Caramel maca, turmeric latte, and matcha latte with just water to get the feel for it. Excellent. You are a great ambassador, can't wait to try the Caramel Maca in a smoothie bowl.

  7. 8:26 that's my kind of bowl. Love it! Also I don't think people realize how big you really are until they stand next to you! It always makes me want to lift something heavy.. You know, like 30 lbs 😂 something in my weight range! Cheers, friend.

  8. Hey Paul. Man, that Indian food looked Pawesome 🙂 Totally Yummy To The Tummy…Thanks for another great video… Norwich Looks great ( Anywho… Hopefully, I shalls be moving into my new home by mid-May, & soon as Ive saved up some pennies I will defo like your nutrition/workout plan please, as I have to lose the best part of a stone before my back surgery & need to get my legs & back strengthened. I can't do much atm.. Im trying to get in 100 squats ( 4 x25 ) & 50 pushoffs (2 x25) 3/4 days a week as a start. & sadly mostly living off vegan junk food & emptying the freezer lol 🙂 Have a great week. Much love Mx

  9. I have a very serious question. If your vitamin b12 levels are double what they should be how badly will it make you feel? It's my understanding that it will cause anxiety and diarrhea, rash, headache, dizziness, cold symptoms like runny nose, muscle and joint pain, and possibly swelling of hands and feet. You've probably seen Jacko wacko vegano's latest video by now, in it he shows his bloodwork results and his b12 is very high. Of course it probably isn't the whole problem but it might have been a contributing factor in his breakdown. He's such a sweet guy and he's in such obvious pain right now. I'm such a big fan of you and him for the same reasons. You're a very special person, you have such compassion for people and animals. In my opinion you have a beautiful soul, I'm sure your lovely wife agrees. You and Jackson are both genuine, kind, sincere, funny, intelligent, and inspiring. I know it's a lot to ask, and I know you're very busy. But will you please please consider reaching out to Jackson in private and help him with his nutrition and some support? Possibly later some of it can be a video, but that's not important right now, Jackson's health and wellbeing is. In my mind, part of being vegan is supporting people through the rough spots and questions. Btw, I'm not using my regular account so you won't recognize my name. I broke my phone recently, when I slammed on my brakes to avoid an accident. But I am a regular viewer. I said I had a crush on you once, lol. Thank you Paul. 💚🌱💚

  10. Looking for some advice! My girlfriend is having some knee pain (she eats processed vegan foods and eats milk and eggs occasionally). I was just wondering why exactly she's having this pain (if it is caused by diet). I know she should probably go to the doctor and get a professional opinion but we can't afford it tbh so I was hoping to try diet first Thanks in advance!

  11. That Apple bowl is so cute. You know the food is good when the cat wants it as well. I have been using the box breathing method for my anxiety. 😂😂😂 all kinds…
    Vegan shoes love it.
    Yummy will defently try. I use to do that on the escalators was fun what Katlin was doing. Closing in a week… we are moving phewww.
    Love zero waste shops, well done guys.
    I love purple carrot so much I get 4 of them (when I go shopping) and have them with hummus and some times I put them in the oven. That food looks amazing.

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