Friday Grocery Haul from HEB my grand kids are visiting for the weekend

Friday grocery haul from HEB my grand kids are visiting us for the weekend have to make sure all the children mines and my grandchildren are happy with a …


  1. 😱OMG!!! This Is Another GRRREAT HAUL My Sister… "YOUR GRANDS" Are➡️TRULY SOOOO BLESSED~ To Have Their "GANNY & PAPA"!!! 😅 #ThankYouJEHOVAH😅

    👋Bye For Now… Have An➡️ AMAAAAAZING WEEKEND!!! 💋💋💋"I♥️U" ALL SOOOO MUCH!!! 😅 ~XOX "YOUR Ruby"♥️…

    💋P.S.➡️😱OMG~NESSSS!!! 1 More Thing SIS➡️Your DINNER MENU That You Are Going To Make Has "Your Sister" DROOOOLING Over Here Right Now~ I SOOOO NEED SOME OF YOUR GREEEENS & YUMMY POT LIQUOR… "IF" Only I Could Be There With➡️ MY "YOUNG FAMILY"~ ENJOOOOYING EVERY THAAAANG😋!!!

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