1. I love your videos and guidance. I was wondering if you could let me know what juice i can juice for GERD. I've had GERD for over 15 years and have now been diagnosed with Barretts. I am considering juicing to help heal my stomach. Any help is appreciated. God Bless.

  2. Very nice video. I have a Breville juicer that I've had for years. I think you will enjoy it. I just bought me an Omega vertical juicer (VSJ843RS). I've used it twice and I like it. I guess the main thing is that I consistently use it. Please show some more juice recipes. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I got tired if cleaning my juicer. When you use it, try to catch the juice in a glass container. That plastic pitcher will leech chemicals that are estrogen mimickers and cancel out most of the health benefits.

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