BoxMac 138: Macs with French Text on the Box

It’s Freaky Friday in the BoxMac kitchen – Junt edits this episode and provides the witty banter while Frankie cooks the mac! The macs include a no name brand …


  1. Is it actually pronounced flatsgraph i figure more of a faultsgraph pronunciation without getting into a more regional accent since it looks like it could be pronounced with a german enunciation. Did you try the Cracker barrel reformulations yet, I'm not sure if it has anything to do with Kraft selling the cracker barrel cheese company name.

  2. Jon missed shots establishing that Frankie tried Macs 1 and 3 which led my son to say "He didn't even try it."

    Also yeah, Ursula (maybe from the recent live version) should have been edited in with Frankie's song.

    And for the record, counter height chairs are the worst. You're either sprawled in a half standing position with you feet on the ground, ass in the seat OR you find yourself perched like a frumpy songbird atop The world's least comfortable branch.

  3. I never realized until now that Kenan was actually saying the sentences in French and not just uttering random syllables. Also, to be honest I didn't realize Jon was editing until it was pointed out, and I thought it was going to be a bit that ended in Frankie editing anyway. So if it was good enough to fool me, he did a great job!

  4. The entire episode I kept telling myself "they better hate the no name" it is legit the most disgusting vile brand of mac and cheese.

    Oh and its brand is called "no name" from Loblaw brands of grocery stores in Canada 😄

  5. Dungeon Master: BoxMac afflicted with Mana loss for one turn during role-reversal spell
    Frankie & John: consume French-language Mac power-up
    Dungeon Master: Mac power-up multiplies debilitation

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