1. video ideas!!!:
    day in my life—LOTS of these
    study with me
    morning/night routine
    places to go in edinburgh (overall or you could do thrift shops/coffee shops)

  2. i want to start buying sustainable clothes but it’s hard bc they are very expensive and i understand that bc they are made to last a long time but the problem is i’m 13 and still growing so i’ll just grow out of it in a year!

  3. i’ve been watching you for a couple of months now and i love your videos💕 since watching you i’ve stopped buying from fast fashion brands and now only buy new clothes from depop/ebay/charity/second hand shops. thank u for using your platform to promote sustainable fashion !!

  4. Love love love your channel! Just got here but I wanted to let you know that you using a microphone would be very appreciated! The audio is a little off and keeps changing. I will continue watching regardless but I thought you would possibly appreciate this as constructive criticism! Much love!

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