Meet the Powerlifting, Plant Eating Vegan Chef of Portland – Eat Like Me, Ep. 1

Chef Aaron Adams of Farm Spirit in Portland didn’t always respect vegetables the way he does now. However, after switching to a vegan lifestyle, Adams …


  1. Chef Aaron is crazy. The pigs are dead when put in the hot water. I grew up on a farm. He's like a preacher telling lies to push his way of thought.

  2. This is fantastic!  Great way to look at the food world.  Never does he tell us what to do but instead tells the story of how food has changed his way of thinking about the world.  Thank you for sharing!

  3. I have eaten in his restaurant 3 times, and headed there again in 2 weeks.  It is uber fabulous!!  And a must try for anyone visiting or living in Portland.  You can't beat the experience. The food is complex and pure.

  4. I see no real need to go vegan at this point. Realistically speaking it's only a matter of a few years, a decade at most, before we can get lab grown meat that is as environmentally friendly to grow as vegetables and without any animal suffering whatsoever.

  5. For a powerlifter his size, 190kg isn't that heavy for a "heavy" squat at what looks like RPE 8/9, and the right side's plates weren't all the way in. Also he needs to go a tiny bit lower if he doesn't want to be called for depth during a meet.

  6. Am not a vegan. I used to be a butcher. I also lift…. So when I watched this I had some preconceptions. I really enjoyed this video and the chef getting his message across. I wish we could of seen some dishes being made. Not his restaurant dishes as am sure he wants to keep an advantage but some homely food for average cooks to try. Having read the comments I wish to offer an olive branch from the meat side. The process of slaughter needs to be regulated better. Most chickens have the most fucked up life imaginable. Thank you Mr Vegan chef who wishes to live a different life and spread a alternate message on consumption. I will always have meat in my diet but I will also try and sample all different methods of cuisine. And a message to those 'if the bar ain't bending, your only pretending' douches… Least this guy is getting up and doing it you fucking jock straps… First rule is not to hate on those who want to push the weight! Regardless of the amount pushed. Love one. Good luck.

  7. No one ever said you can't power lift when you're on a vegan diet. The WHO just says that a vegan diet is not healthy and so that human beings shouldn't do it.

  8. I understand and support the message of this video but superficially speaking, vegan food is very delicious. At least once a year I go all vegan for a few weeks just to force myself to try different restos and recipes. With that said, hopefully our animal farming practices will eventually become routinely humane because I'm fond of pork, beef, chicken, fish…you name it.

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