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  1. I have had sharp back pain on the left side of my back for over a month, it spread sliiiightly to the right side sometimes. I'm also having blood in my urine which makes me think it could be a kidney stone but my doctor sent me for a CT scan and apparently there are no signs of a kidney stone or cysts. I'm going crazy thinking about what it could be. I also had movement around my belly button so they also checked for my copper coil to see if it has been misplaced. But the CT scan showed it was in place.

    Any idea if this could be related to an ovarian cyst, endometriosis and fibroids. Even though the CT scan is showing nothing but my symptoms are still there.

    I have been on a keto diet for 2 months and will be doing a liver cleanse followed by a candida and parasite cleanse very soon. I don't do sugar, grains or dairy, I hope I can see a difference very soon.

    Do you have a say on my symptoms and confusing CT scan?

  2. Can you speak on Ashermanโ€™s Syndrome itโ€™s misdiagnosed a lot because doctors and nurses in America donโ€™t know what it is 1st let along on how to properly treat it safely which is sad ๐Ÿ˜ž! Maybe you can enlighten them share some knowledge on it and itโ€™s treatment

  3. The description/info is misleading. You can't prevent / heal PCOS completely. You are born with it. I understand that you've personally eliminated a lot of your symptoms, but it's a life long journey to maintain and balance. A lot of helpful information in this but just wanted to voice my thoughts

  4. It's an Iodine deficiency. Women are especially prone to reproductive organ CANcers because their estrogen inhibits the absorption of Iodine. CANcer is actually a CANdida colony growing in/on the organ (search "Cancer is a Fungus" here on YouTube). Dr. Tullio Simoncini (Italian Oncologist) cures all his CANcer patients using sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) for internal CANcers, and a 7% Tincture of Iodine for topical skin CANcers. Sodium bicarbonate and Iodine are antifungals.

    Dr. Jorge Flesca on PCOS and CANcer being an Iodine deficiency:

    Every human/animal cell contain Iodine receptors to protect the cell from fungal overgrowth, but most of us, and especially women are deficient. You women should be taking about 50 mgs (not Micrograms, but Milligrams) of Lugol's Iodine every day. You can get it on eBay, just mix it in V8 or juice.

    Vitamin B17 (Laetrile) decimates CANcer cells, YouTube it!

    How does the CANdida get to an organ and begin colonizing on that organ? Leaky gut from a weakened mucosal layer allows the CANdida to translocate across the epithelial lining getting directly into the bloodstream. If the CANdida travels to the breast tissue undetected, it will begin colonizing in the breast tissue.

    You can destroy this colony by mixing pharmaceutical grade DMSO mixed with the Lugol's Iodine (use a shot glass, no plastic, and stir with a toothpick) and rubbing it on your breast. The DMSO is a transporting agent that will drag the Iodine deep into the breast tissue so it can begin destroying the CANdida colony. I've helped at least 50 women cure themselves of fibrocystic breast and full-blown breast CANcer using this method.

  5. Hi Marla, I have been taking DIM for about a month an a half and it seems to be doing great things like cleared my stuffed up sinuses and this has been a problem for a long time, but Iโ€™ve noticed that my periods are not on time like before I started taking it, do you think it could be messing up my cycle? Thank you so much ๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. Hey. Do you have any tips on healing hives on a vegan diet? Also known as chronic urticaria, I haven't found many resources on healing it naturally. I see most things talk about eczema or psoriasis but not hives specifically. Can hives be healed the same way as these other skin conditions? Also I'm breastfeeding so I can't do any heavy detoxing right now.

  7. Hi I'm new to your channel so right now I'm totally binge watching all your videos to play catch up. Your videos are so informative, thank you for that. I wanna know though do you have hirsutism and what do you recommend for getting rid of that.

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