Amberlynn shrugging off her weight gain for 2 minutes.

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  1. I always watch these videos while eating junk food so then I get worried but then I remember I’m 14 and 130 pound at 5’7” and I’m a high performance athlete that burns atleast 3000 calories daily

  2. What do you mean, she says she can't fix it! Try! Your life is not worth a bag of chips! Look at some of the people on my 600 pound life. They go in knowing what their doing to themselves, get a surgery, and then go on a diet knowing it'll be basic torture to them but also knowing they'll live to have grandchildren!

  3. Queen of moderation…maintaining her dainty 570lbs is impressive… 😧😒

    Remember when she said…I've never been 500lbs..never will be..

    Now its…I've never been 600lbs…never will be

  4. She’ll never lose weight unless she first gets over her defeatist attitude, and actually seeks medical help and sticks to it. It’s really sad to say, but it looks like she’s on her way to eating herself into an early grave.

  5. At this point, were watching snuff of her slowly killing herself..well, whatever is left of her. She's done even trying and honestly, in the most realistic way and not mean way possible, we're just here waiting for the day she dies and becky or eric or maybe nobody says anything and she is just gone.

  6. The fact that she doesn’t care about reaching over 500lbs and she’s so ‘proud’ at the fact that she maintained to stay around 560/570lbs is gonna mean that she won’t give a fuck when she’s over 600, let’s be honest

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