Why Vegans Have Bitemporal Wasting & How to Avoid it – The ULTIMATE Unspoken Beauty Secrets

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  1. I've been kind of preoccupied lately because I have sagging so I have another question. Isn't there a collagen factor in all this as well as muscle and fat? How to regenerate that?

  2. Muscle tone is everything as you get older. I noticed that my face started looking a lot younger once i started lifting very heavy weights for 5 reps, where i could just barely handle the weight.
    My face strains when i push myself that hard. So i literally have a muscly face.

    The same applies to the body. The skin droops, yes. But when there's muscle underneath that skin, it literally can't droop because the muscle poofs out underneath.

    Chew a steak and pump some iron.

  3. One year ex vegan 20 plus years, I began eating organic pork belly and I just couldn't get enough. I noticed my skin became a lot plumper, when I had it every day for a couple of weeks.. Pork fat is good My jaw changed in atouning ways once I began eating meat. I lost all the tension I had held there, my nerves were calmed my teeth became so much stronger and I noticed I had more 'ability to bite into really chewy meaty things, and over time I can bite with more pressure . Jaw has become stronger. Fabulous video, Daphne, great perspective

  4. Interesting take on nutrition/lifestyle. I did some additional research on facial waste and atrophy after watching this; almost all of the examples i saw online were discribed basically as nutritional deficiency over time. It's such a shame to witness such anti-life practices disguised as a moral fad. I'm glad i jumped on the fatwax bandwagon when I did. Highly recommend the queen's sleeping mask, it has really done wonders to my complexion especially with winter right around the corner.

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