What I Eat In A Day | HEALTHY Meals | Staying Lean

Hello! Welcome to my full day of eating. I am currently eating as much nutrient dense as possible and just living life. I am just trying to maintain but also live my …


  1. That’s honestly the reason I don’t use any sort of fitness tracker bc I used to have an extreme ED and also had an unhealthy relationship with exercise. You do you! An elevate you with workouts would be awesome! Buying your EMOM guide has helped me so much in my current split!

  2. LOVED the workout, meal, AND outfit inspo in this video! I’m sorry to bug you with this question, it probably gets old, but do you mind sharing where you got that dresser? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  3. I love your videos Taylor and obsessed with the meals you creating!!🤩 I am living in Europe and work as a flight attendant, so when I am in the States I always go to Whole Foods or Target to buy everything I saw in your videos😭🙈

  4. Hi Taylor just wanted to tell u that I love u so much as a 40 year old mom of 5 u inspired me so much to be healthier and not so restricted on what I eat and to be healthier I went from being 87 kg to now being 65kg in a little over a year, sending u hugs and kisses from Cape Town South Africa ps I wish I was able to afford your active wear to support u cause I feel like u have inspired me so much but one day🙏😘

  5. Cilanched out baby! I loved this vlog – you seemed so comfortable and natural and goofy happy – good to see. Ps also alllways love a workout clothing video 😍jelly

  6. Hi Taylor, this is random but I was watching an old video of yours from November 2016 (you were buying a Rav4) and in that video you were talking about your client check-ins and how that was so motivating for you, clients were your number one priority. I'd love to see a video about your mindset then to now. Did you always want to do what you're doing now or did it take time to evolve? Once you figured it out, how quickly did you move on it? I'm curious and would love to hear more about that.

  7. Heyyy 🙂 not sure how much vegan cheese alternatives you are eating but it can FUCK up your skin. It really messed my skin up when I used it to much. Same with vegan butter and bagels lol. Just in case you are still having issues with acne 🙂

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