1. I’m crying about the chicken part lol. I used to think chickens were stupid and dumb so why shouldn’t I be able to eat them? Now I don’t eat them because there is no reason for me to eat them, they do not appeal to me and they are actually intelligent. All animals are intelligent and they should be respected. Awesome documentary, thanks for sharing. I’m in transition to a vegan diet, first day without dairy and almost 2 months without meat woo!!!

  2. Pity vegan diets are high in oxalates. Bad for those suffering calcium oxalate kidney stone disease. And high carbs bad for those prone to diabetes. Lots of additives in vegan processed foods.

  3. It’s rare to see parents listen to their young ones. They usually just laugh and think you don’t know what’s going on but that’s cute. Or they would lecture and forbid the kid. Good on the parents for letting the kid grow into her true self.

  4. This is amazing! When my son started asking me about the food we ate at age 5
    he started to refuse his meals and push his plate away and refuse to eat any animals. I though for that moment “what is wrong with my child” but then I decided to support him. He went vegetarian first but the more my son and I did research we then went vegan. I have Daughter as well and I decided not to push it to my daughter. I wanted her to make her choice on her own and sure enough she also went vegan. Sure I got so many bad comments from my family especially since we are Hispanic and I was raised eating meat. I was looked as a mom who was neglecting her children. Though it hurt me I was more concentrated on supporting my children. Now I love this life style and I have two wonderful kids thriving in a vegan lifestyle.

  5. Awesome.stories. I’m
    Vegan and all my clients and friends are. Meat eaters are living dead. Once I went vegan everything improved in every aspect of life. I still have a few friends who insist of eating meat. I look at them and see them aging internally. It’s sad. They already had so many surgeries, on one MED or another. It’s ongoing medical care. JUST GO VEGAN.
    It’s a vegan world. Wake up. You were told to go vegan. Ignore it and you will end up as the animals you ate.
    God and the universe does not want you to eat there animal friends. So many country’s are now very vegan. Americans wake up.

  6. I LOVE watching and listening to Genesis!!! 💙💗🧡 So confident and committed yet so small; a wise old soul. 🌟What a powerhouse. 💞 An animal sanctuary in Texas. 💝 Vegan kids are taking over the Dining Room Table! I am so heartened at the way the truth about animal suffering is being revealed to the world. 🙏 PBN.

  7. Beautifull story, truly inspiring for the hope of a World filled with love, and by the way I love the Sound of your singing voice. It goes directly to the heart . This story goes to the heart

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