Trifecta VEGAN meals unboxing

I’ve been eating less meat this year to help get creative with my cooking, help the environment, and not kill as many animals. Trifecta has helped me get in …


  1. Hey Lizzy question, when you receive your meals in ala carte , are the meals already cooked and seasoned so you just have to microwave them , or do you have to still cook and season the meals , thank you

  2. That curry pasta looks SO GOOD. I might have to try my hand at making something similar. I would probably throw some tofu on to get in even more protein. I also imagine it would be really good with a fried or boiled egg.

  3. How's the cook book coming along? I'm in need of more recipes. Also what's the best way to buy protein powder in bulk? I find buying the plastic bottles and scoops wasteful since most of them are not recyclable.

  4. I had a really good bike ride after having zucchini parmesan a few hours earlier. I think potassium helps make androgen. That is my theory anyways. It could have been just a fluke I will try and repeat that meal and workout some time.

  5. Been a long time coming —>   Lizzy   +  💪  =  👍😊    But Thanks Lizzy !!  Love  ❤  ya  so very much. 😂  And incidentally those peaks are still looking as large and shapely as ever.  Always impressive, especially for someone who spends most of the time with powerlifting specific training. (  R E S P E C T  🙇 )  … Also happy to see your Trifecta package arrived safe and sound and you got some good contents inside to enjoy going forward. 😊 👏  And the zucchini + broccoli curry pasta was my favorite to see.   So I did actually wonder … what vegetable would you say you have the most often, whether mixed with a meal or by itself ??

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